Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Status Update Bumper Sticker

The concept here is an electronic bumper sticker that changes with your Facebook status. There could be a wireless communicator that syncs up the display with an internet feed. It could be expanded to backpack stickers, refrigerator magnets, etc.

CATEGORY: Everyday Life / Gadgets
IDEATION: August 26, 2009, submitted by Jennifer Newcomb


  1. I like how this could humanize traffic. Not only will it help you remember that there is a person in that car, but it will tell you something about them.

    Also, this makes me laugh:

    A man is walking by a parked car. He notices the SU bumper sticker that says "Surfin' in Hawaiiiii!!!!!" So he steals the car's stereo. And the fancy bumper sticker.

  2. I have actually been considering this. A recent article said thieves more than law enforcement are benefitting from social media. Law enforcement finds leads on criminals, but criminals know when you are on vacation. Made me think... and since then I have only made the randomest of status updates, and nothing that's ever location related. :/