Sunday, May 3, 2009

Credit Card with Digital Display

People often start out budgeting by using the “envelope” method – a tangible object lesson: one envelope of cash for groceries, one for entertainment, etc. – for a week or month. However, with more and more people using credit cards and/or debit cards for their expenses, our purchases no longer make a visible, immediate dent in our wallets. When you spend cash, you have less of it. Spend on a credit card, however, and nothing in your wallet changes to let you know that you have less money.

What if you could make a “credit card” that had a digital display on it, telling you how much you had in each category? So, if you only have $7 left to spend on lunches for the week, you know that you’d better go to Subway rather than Quizno’s. This could be linked either to the credit card account itself, or a standalone device that allowed you to keep track of everything right in your wallet or purse.

CATEGORY: Finance / Technology
IDEATION: April 15, 2009, submitted by Jonathan Mesh.


  1. I love this idea!! Srsly. Brilliant! This was Jon Mesh's idea? Props!!

  2. That's clutch, Mesh. I hesitate to use the envelope idea because of the organization factor and having to withdraw the cash. This would up the probability of my trying such budgeting significantly.

  3. Think about the impact this would have on people who carry large balances on their credit card. Imagine seeing "Current Balance: $7,138" as you handed your card to a clothing store clerk. Surely this would cause some to rethink those $90 jeans.

  4. I just googled this to see if it is in the market. I really need one.