Friday, April 24, 2009

Crystal growth to manipulate Nano materials

If one could understand and control the way in which a crystal forms, one could take advantage of perfect angles, precise edges, and chemically-dictated geometry to manipulate molecules with nano-scale construction techniques. The forming crystals could be microscopic bulldozers or crystalline spears.

For instance, you could create a "nano drill punch" tool by making a circular rim at a relatively large and workable scale. Then, you seed the crystal and start it forming into a cone that tapers down to a very exact point with an exact angle and shape. The apex of the cone pierces a hole in a surface coating that can now fit a single layer of molecules that give the surface some desired property.

Such nano-construction techniques could possibly be performed with precision lasers, but some applications might benefit here by not having the laser's heat.

CATEGORY: Nanotechnology / Manufacturing / Technology

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