Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Political Candidate Matching Quiz

Political Candidates and Voters could all take the same web-based, psychological test to compare their values and decision-making tendencies. This would greatly simplify research for the Voter by listing the degree to which they share points-of-view with the Candidates. Listings would run from the presidential candidates right on down to the obscure judges and officials that most people are never sure how to vote on! (Candidates reported could be customized by entering zip code).

With a well-designed test, the questions would be nuanced and subtle enough to draw out meaningful character tendencies without being simplistic and divisive. In my opinion, this would clarify the muddied brouhaha of our elections and better approach our national ideal of democracy.

CATEGORY: Political/Sociological
IDEATION: August 9, 2008.


  1. This seems, in reverse, like a good litmus test for politicians. If the constituent base allowed psychological testing PRIOR to elections, political parties can select the most appropriate candidate to represent the masses. I guess that is what polls are for currently.

  2. Good insight Jen. I hadn't thought of that. You definitely wouldn't want to incentivize (any more than already currently occurs..) the political parties to pick a spineless person that will mindlessly morph to fit with all the whims of the masses.

  3. check out an application of Facebook called Visible Vote. The app creators may be very interested in integrating your idea into an already very promising application.


  4. This is now being done! Good work, folks! http://www.isidewith.com/