Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life-Skills School for Celebrities

With celebrities holding massive sway over the hearts, minds, and actions of the populace, and with each new celebrity wanting to espouse some lofty or trendy cause; it would seem worthwhile for an enterprising university to set up a certificate program or a series of seminars or panel discussions to educate and prepare these often-times young and inexperienced individuals for the twists and turns of their highly-public lives.

The curriculum could cover such topics as: philanthropy, business basics, world & social issues, leadership, personal finance; not to mention other practical subjects that would undoubtedly benefit this contingent of people under society's microscope - subjects like: dealing with the press, family management, etc… things to holistically improve the lives of celebrities and help them be better stewards of their influential positions.

It could also be a networking and mentoring opportunity for younger and older celebrities to meet.  The courses would be in a safe and secure location inaccessible to the paparazzi and be taught by world-class expert faculty.

CATEGORY: Social / Society
IDEATION: September 3, 2006.

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