Saturday, January 31, 2009

Duo-Nation World Games

Psychological research indicates that groups overcome differences and understand each other best when collaborating on a "superordinate goal," which requires them to work together. (See contact hypothesis).

In an evolution of the Olympic Games, rosters for team sports might be comprised of members from two separate countries. They could be paired by lottery or a vote/selection in the United Nations. Collaborating teams/countries would be compelled to build international relationships, foster goodwill, and cooperative spirit by rooting for and assembling the same team.

CATEGORY: Geopolitical/Entertainment
IDEATION: Mar 3, 2004.


  1. Wow. I like it. That could be really cool!

  2. This is really a great idea. You should send a single email describing your idea in more depth. You might send it to every countries olymplic committee (emails should be accesible via websites) as well as each contires government office and all the major sports governing bodies. It would take you a little while to research the emails, but the resukts could be life changing...