Saturday, January 24, 2009

Soundtrack Jacket

The “Soundtrack Jacket” plays music that corresponds with your mood and biological signals. It can either play it outloud over built-in speakers or pump tunes into a headset.

It has a neural net training mode that senses your bio-metrics in response to musical inputs. This maps certain musical tempos, genres, timbres, instruments, etc. to heart rate, skin voltage, body temperature, chemical concentrations, etc. Then you can use the neural net to detect bio-metric patterns and play music that fits your mood. The songs could be selected from a playlist (perhaps from the music genome project - see or maybe even generated real-time from tracks and samples.

CATEGORY: Entertainment


  1. Dave this is awesome. I totally want one.

    Although for generally sedentary people such as myself, a degree of random variance would be nice.

  2. Hmm... maybe this should be limited to headphones only. Can you imagine the trouble this little device could create? Imagine, guy standing next to girl he likes but can not ask out. She brushes his arm and his heartbeat accelerates. "It's a Beautiful Day" by U2 bursts through his speakers, causing said girl to blush profusely and run away.

    Then again, if I was running away from a madman (assuming this is a different pair of folks than example 1), and my temperature jumps, my heartbeat skyrockets to hummingbird status, and suddenly a climatic creepy song crescendos and reverberates in my ear, my panic will only escalate eliciting poor possibilities of survival. Also not good.