Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rent Clothes at the Airport

Airlines are beginning to charge more for passengers' luggage, reflecting the rising fuel costs of transporting the extra weight. If you could rent appropriate outfits in your destination city when you arrive, you would save on the baggage expense, avoid the hassle of packing, and have the latest fashions accessible on demand.

Such a clothier could be located in or near the airport, perhaps alongside the rental car plaza, with changing rooms, tailors, and laundry equipment onsite. A customer might pay a deposit per outfit - business suits, athletic wear, international/culturally appropriate dress, etc - and get some of the deposit back upon returning them. The store could also have a website where you could browse options and pre-order them in your size to be waiting for your arrival.

Since every ounce counts during flight, airlines would likely partner with the venture, as it would have tremendous potential to conserve fuel and costs. Flying less weight around the country and world would also reduce the airline industry's enormous carbon footprint and help the environment.

CATEGORY: Travel / Business Idea
IDEATION: July 13, 2009

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