Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rooftop Advertising

With the proliferation of GPS systems and satellite mapping on the Internet, there is suddenly a whole new face that a business can offer to potential customers: the aerial view. When getting directions from any map software, people would more easily recognize your business if it had a sign on the roof.

There is room in this market for franchises of rooftop advertisers - those who can perfect the design, printing, & installation of billboards and rooftop signs. The signs would have to be large, durable, and weather proof. They could even be functional - being light colored to reflect the sun and save energy! (Which would be for a warm climate... If you're in a cold climate, they could be dark to absorb energy.)

One could even hook this idea up with the folks that produce map software, such that there is a hyperlink on the latitude and longitude coordinates of your business which leads to your website.

CATEGORY: Internet / Marketing / Business Idea
IDEATION: July 17, 2008.


  1. Sooo, check it. Rooftop advertising is being utilized on google maps street view. If you zoom in on 13th and St. Charles, you'll see Wasabi Sushi Bar (yum) advertised from their digital rooftop. Maybe Google Maps has been offering this for awhile, but I only noticed landmarks, hospitals, etc, in the past. Pretty cool!

    I'll have to research how a company gets added. *rubbing hands, excitedly*

  2. aha - good call Jen. let me know if you find anything out.
    the google map links with the business names are small and elegant, as they probably should be...but now couple this with the eye-drawing power of an enormous, real-life rooftop sign. booya.