Saturday, August 8, 2009

Record Collisions with Car Camera

More and more car makers are offering a reverse camera to improve visibility while backing up. It would be easy to add a small flash memory drive that continually records in a 10 or 20 minute loop. This would enable the recording of a car accident for insurance purposes or police documentation.

A camera shut-off could be triggered by the same sensors that deploy the airbags, or started manually with a button. This way, the memory drive would hold only the footage immediately before and after the collision or incident. The video could then be uploaded to a USB drive for the police or your insurance company.

With reverse cameras already in place, one can imagine the hardware and firmware would cost car manufacturers less than $30 to mass produce. This would be limited to viewing events behind the car, but the system could possibly be bolstered with a cheap forward facing camera, and perhaps a data stream from the dashboard with the current speedometer reading, compass direction, etc. This would perform a similar function to the ‘black box’ in airliners.

CATEGORY: Transportation
IDEATION: August 7, 2009, submitted by Jake Salter.


  1. can it also record episodes of gilmore girls to watch while i'm waiting for the police to arrive?

  2. hahaha - Erica, that's just ridiculous. although it probably would save cost if you integrated an entertainment system with it. but are dvd players in the driver's field of vision illegal? if not, maybe they should be.