Thursday, September 8, 2011

Scannable Rewards Urge Travellers to Avoid Rush-Hour

If a scannable QR code were displayed on a sign before and after rush-hour - but not during it - people would have an incentive to travel at off-peak times and reduce traffic congestion.  The code could lead to coupons for local businesses, accumulate reward points, or enter participants into a drawing, etc.

One potential downside could be the danger of drivers trying to manipulate their mobile devices' cameras while in motion.  The concept could be more passive, for example, by using a road-side camera to identify drivers by license plate.  The rewards would then be given to drivers who had registered in the rewards program beforehand.

In addition to time-based paradigms, the deal could also be location-based to motivate people to choose alternative routes. 

The same concept could also be used to influence the way people arrive or exit from events or concerts - again to reduce traffic and congestion. 

CATEGORY: Transportation, Energy, Information Technology
IDEATION: June 1, 2010

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